Series: Death Imitates Language

A series of works exploring the development of meaning in generative aesthetics using micro feedback and a genetic algorithm. It consists of a website and a series of printed and boxed collage works.

The public website contains an enormous population of speculative works. Each of these works are generated by inheriting sequences of information - a sort of DNA - from their ancestors. These ‘genetic’ codes determine which elements appear in the work and in what form or constellation. The population changes over time by means of subjective ('natural') selection by the artist: micro feedback or 'likes'. This feedback - combined with visitor statistics and simulated aging - causes the genetic program to mutate and (arguably) improve over time.

When creatures reach their optimal state they are 'frozen' and translated into physical objects. These objects are layered in construction, partly transparent and square. They can be hung and watched from all sides.

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Sydgator Zolim Juancar, 2017. 100×100cm
Juancar Zolim Juancar, 2017. Unique, 100×100×4cm.
Joa Dereck Pitcher, 2017. Unique, 100×100×4cm.
Vvgdamn Pipikaka Yozdczmi, 2017, 100×100×3cm
Autobreeder, 2016
Autobreeder, 2016
Hatter Epot Xgeubke, 2017, 100×100×3cm
Acura Bigboobe Romcops, 2016. 100×100×4cm.
Vuwtvvyft Zcuviey Dayssuck, 2016. 100×100×2cm.