Series: Decompressions (Structures of redundancy)

Compositions evolving from primitive Turing machines. The more I lose myself in coding, the more I encounter historical computer science and AI relics. The algorithm used here is my contemporary interpretation of Cartesian genetic programming, which was invented in 1999.

UltraChrome HDR print on Hahnemühle paper. Each work unique edition.
Untitled, 100×100cm, 2019
Trebles, 100×100cm, 2019
Push Forth Spectre, 100×100cm, 2019
Symbol No Aggression, 100×100cm, 2019
Bars, 100×100cm, 2019
Decompressions (autobreeder), 2019
Decompressions (autobreeder), 2019
Untitled, 100×100cm, 2019
Run Too, 100×100cm, 2019
Diluente, 50×50cm, 2019
Decompress / Embrace, 100×100cm, 2019
Multi Dimensional Zoom, 50×50cm, 2019