Upcoming / Current
Dissociations, intuition based generative information system
The New Beauty of Our Modern Life at Higher Pictures, NYC
Art Post-Internet, group exhibition (PDF) at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing
surplus living group exhibition, KM Temporaer, Berlin
They Live, online group exhibition at Shanaynay, Paris
Driving Fast Nowhere, group exhibition at Polansky Gallery, Prague
WHERE NARRATIVE STOPS, group exhibition at Wilkinson Gallery, London
Dissociations @ First Look Series, online commission, The New Museum, NYC
Release Early, Release Often (…), solo show at Abrons Arts Center, NYC
Analogital, group show at Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City
Deep Spaces (insides), group show at Joe Sheftel Gallery, NYC
2012, sculpture and sound piece at The Mews, London
Watch the Throne, sculpture at Grouphab.it, Berlin
Motion, sculpture in group show at Seventeen Gallery, London
About, sculptures and collages in solo exhibition at Wilkinson Gallery, London
The Greater Cloud, group exhibition at Dutch Institute for Media Arts, Amsterdam
The Four Master Tropes, HD video, single serving site, Klaus von Nichtssagend, NYC
Rhododendron II, group show at Space, London
Where Language Stops, group exhibition at Wilkinson Gallery, London
You're so beautiful (…), two man show with Bas van der Hurk at Rod Barton, London
Rhododendron, group show at W139, Amsterdam
Free, group exhibition at the New Museum, NYC
Maps & Legends, group exhibition showing a video and two collages, MACRO, Rome
Versions, group show at Dutch Institute for Media Arts, Amsterdam
Argot, exhibition with Ola Vasiljeva and Charles Broskoski. Plan B, Amsterdam
AFK Sculpture Garden, group show in the Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin
Contemporary Semantics Beta, group exhibition, Arti et Amicitae, Amsterdam
Club Internet, Non-archived online exhibition space
Resurrections and Sleepwalkers animation series
Harmlog, website